🌐Benefits of Vector

Utility & Yield

Vector Finance allows Platypus, Trader Joe, and Benqi tokenholders to earn significant yield on their native tokens. This transforms PTP, JOE and QI into productive assets via our minted tokens xPTP, zJOE, and xQI.

Platypus Finance and xPTP

In-depth breakdown: Platypus Finance and xPTP

Vector takes advantage of Platypus's unique tokenomics to benefit different types of users. Currently, the optimal way to interact with Platypus is to stake equal amounts of both PTP and stablecoins. Vector makes it so that users of either camp can benefit. Users can stake PTP via our minted token, xPTP, to receive a share of Vector's protocol revenue and bonus VTX tokens. Stablecoin holders can stake their stablecoins on Vector and earn boosted yield, without having to worry about staking PTP for vePTP. This is possible because of the vePTP Vector accumulates from PTP minting and staking forever.

Trader Joe and zJOE

In-depth breakdown: Trader Joe and zJOE

Vector Finance's zJOE is an innovative cross-chain liquid staking token for JOE, designed to simplify and enhance earning USDC rewards. By converting JOE to zJOE on Vector, users can stake in the sJOE pool on Trader Joe and earn USDC from the platform's trading fees, without the hassle of moving their JOE across different chains. This system addresses the difficulty of achieving optimal APR on various networks, as Vector manages the bridging and staking processes using automated systems and Layer Zero technology. Additionally, Vector conducts zJOE buybacks for liquidity and stability, and offers manual or auto-compounding pools for USDC earnings.

Benqi and xQI

In-depth breakdown: Benqi and xQI

Vector Finance's xQI program, in partnership with Benqi, offers a robust system for maximizing the potential of Qi tokens. Users start by converting their Qi tokens to xQI on the Vector platform, gaining access to unique yield opportunities on Avalanche. These QI tokens are then used within the Benqi ecosystem to accumulate veQI, offering benefits like increased governance power and enhanced rewards from delegations. Vector Finance uses the voting power from veQI to strategically delegate AVAX to its nodes, with the resulting rewards distributed to xQI stakers as passive income. Additionally, xQI stakers earn from VTX emissions, Vector's native token, further boosting their investment yield. This integrated system enables users to participate in a sophisticated asset growth strategy, involving strategic staking and reward distribution.

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