Vector Finance
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Benefits of Vector

Utility & Yield

Vector Finance allows Platypus and Trader Joe tokenholders to earn significant yield on their PTP or JOE. This transforms PTP and JOE into productive assets via our minted tokens “xPTP” and "zJOE".
As it stands today, the primary utility for both PTP and JOE is that they unlock boosted rewards for staking on the Platypus or Trader Joe platform. Holders who stake their PTP on Platypus, or their JOE on Trader JOE, receive the "vote escrowed" version of the token over time. The share of vePTP and veJOE that a user owns is what increases the user’s staking rewards on each platform. vePTP is also used to vote on asset listings and other governance proposals on the Platypus platform. veJOE will be used for governance and gauge votes on Trader Joe as well. While neither Platypus or Trader Joe require you to lock up your PTP or JOE to receive their ve-token, the user benefits from leaving either staked for as long as possible, since it accures over time. Once a user unstakes any amount of PTP or JOE, their ve-balance resets to 0.

What problem does Vector solve?

Vector provides greater capital efficiency for Platypus and Trader Joe users.

Platypus Finance

Vector takes advantage of Platypus's unique tokenomics to benefit different types of users. Currently, the optimal way to interact with Platypus is to stake equal amounts of both PTP and stablecoins. Vector makes it so that users of either camp can benefit. Users can stake PTP via our minted token, xPTP, to receive a share of Vector's protocol revenue and bonus VTX tokens. Stablecoin holders can stake their stablecoins on Vector and earn boosted yield, without having to worry about staking PTP for vePTP. This is possible because of the vePTP Vector accumulates from PTP minting and staking forever.

Trader Joe

In a similar fashion, Vector utilizes Trader Joe's veJOE staking to benefit JOE LP token depositors, and JOE holders. Users can convert and stake their JOE as zJOE on Vector and receive their portion of the protocol's revenue plus more VTX tokens. JOE LP token depositors can utilize Vector's accrued veJOE for boosted yields on their deposits, without having to stake JOE for veJOE.