Ownership of our smart contracts has been transferred to a multi-sig contract. This multi-sig is owned by both the Vector and Platypus teams. It has 3 representatives from each side and will require 4 votes total for any changes to be made to the contracts. This means that at least one member from either side must approve any changes.

Please see below for the multi-sig address as well as the list of multi-sig signatories:

Multi-sig address: 0x5b382F33926813B81C9861B2A2ec9bE9D24d33bf

Platypus Finance team: Otterfoot - 0xDe1136ecc18E17b7b879493CEeC3d82FCa9b2dBe Beavertail - 0x6Fa2C2bf2D5B22dE6285019e34Bdd5ab82e36436 Duckbill - 0xf6CA0220A63C5A5CE670efC9009a66E543DD6307

Vector Finance team: Dexx - 0xf9D6227376495F8538AaA43910228d07Bd1F0689 Bones - 0x48816df73686ba48d68f9c7403651ADFc128B3eA Simed - 0x29e91dA7034f9Fe343f3111B52E7d1975037eDDB

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