Vector's Core Pools

The autocompounding LVTX Pool

You can lock up VTX on Vector to earn a share of our performance fees along with more VTX. The autocompounded version of our Locked VTX pool takes those rewards and trades them for more VTX, which is then locked up in the LVTX pool. As well, the autocompounding LVTX pool utilizes our Delegated Vote pool. This earns you even more rewards automatically. Those are also traded for more VTX and deposited into the autocompound LVTX pool.

This means that you can put your LVTX in the autocompound pool and never have to touch it again if you'd like. Vector will be claiming & compounding rewards for you, and delegating your votes to the highest APR bribes.

You can transition your LVTX manual pool to the autocompounding version. To do so you will need undelegate your LVTX on the Vote page first. Then open the manual LVTX pool to switch over using our migration modal.

Autocompounding Vector LPs (VTX/AVAX, zJOE/JOE, xPTP/PTP)

[Coming soon!] You can deposit liquidity Trader Joe LP tokens for VTX/AVAX, zJOE/JOE, and xPTP/PTP on Vector to earn VTX rewards. The autocompounding version of these pools on Vector takes your VTX, locks it, and adds it automatically to the autocompounded LVTX pool described above.

xPTP and zJOE Staking

When you stake xPTP and zJOE on Vector, you automatically earn a share of our performance fees along with VTX. The autocompounded version of zPTP and zJOE does the following with your rewards:

  • Converts PTP or JOE rewards to xPTP or zJOE and stakes them back into the autocompounding xPTP & zJOE pools

  • Locks your VTX rewards in the autocompounded LVTX pool

  • Trades any other rewards for more VTX and locks that in the autocompounded LVTX pool

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