Common Questions

Q: I recently deposited into your pools, but do not see any rewards to claim. Why am I not seeing those?

Our pools harvest and distribute rewards whenever someone deposits in them, withdraws, or claims from the pool. If no one has done so since you last deposited your rewards will not appear as claimable. Don't worry, you're accruing those rewards and they will be distributed the next time someone interacts with the pool. Typically this occurs within 24 hours or less.

Q: What fees are there for using Vector?

Vector takes zero fees for depositing or withdrawing. We take a small fee (20%) of the boosted yield on our Platypus and Trader Joe pools. This fee is then redistributed to our xPTP, zJOE, and VTX stakers. You can read more about that here: Performance Fees.

Q: I cannot see my deposits/rewards on your site! What's going on?

Typically this is an issue with being on the wrong wallet, or your RPC. Recently we've been seeing an increased number of users having issues with their RPC. We recommend trying again later to see if this is the case. You might also try connecting from another device or refreshing your browser. Q: When compounding/claiming rewards I am getting an error, "Your claim failed, Your transaction has been reverted message." Why?

The likeliest answer is you have unlocked VTX that is waiting to be claimed. Open the Locked VTX pool and claim the VTX (make sure to lock it again if you want to earn platform rewards and vote). Then try again. If the issue continues join our Discord for more assistance.

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