Withdrawing an LP (USDC-UST)

We've recently added the ability to withdraw your deposit as a Platypus LP for the USDC pool for UST. This feature allows users to recover some of their funds from the recent depeg, by withdrawing as UST on Platypus Finance's site. Here's how to withdraw the LP:

  1. Open this link to the contract.

  2. Go to box N2 (Balance), enter your address, query, and copy the result.

  3. Open this link to write to the contract.

  4. Connect your wallet using "Connect to Web3"

  5. Go to box N7 (withdrawLP), past the amount you copied in step 2in the box, click Write, and sign the transaction.

Once you have that LP you'll need to utilize it on the Platypus Finance site to withdraw as UST. You can do so from their site. You can also do the opposite (withdraw for UST) using this contract.

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