Understanding VTX

Understanding VTX

VTX is the native governance token for Vector Finance. It has three primary use cases:

  1. VTX Lockers receive a portion of Vector’s protocol fees (~30% of all fees) Users can “lock” their VTX for 4 weeks at minimum. By locking VTX, users get: A share of protocol fees and gauge voting rights for Platypus, based on Vector’s accumulated vePTP balance. Voting earns users even more rewards from bribes!

  2. VTX tokenholders can supply VTX-AVAX LP on Trader Joe to receive incentivized emissions

  3. Eventually, Vector will establish decentralized governance, where VTX emission weighting and bonus emissions will be determined by the community

Obtaining VTX tokens

  • VTX can be purchased on Trader Joe

  • VTX is rewarded to xPTP and zJOE stakers

  • VTX is distributed to xPTP-PTP, zJOE-JOE, and VTX-AVAX liquidity providers that stake their LP tokens on the Vector platform

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