Understanding xPTP, zJOE, and xQI

xPTP, zJOE and xQI conversion

  • Users can convert PTP to xPTP, or JOE to zJOE, or QI to xQI at a 1:1 ratio on Vector Finance

    • Users may receive a better than 1:1 ratio when converting on Vector Finance due to our Smart Converter

    • Conversion on Vector is permanent: markets may exist for xPTP or zJOE liquidity however

  • Users can then stake that xPTP, zJOE or xQI to earn rewards from our various strategies for each.

  • When a user converts one of these tokens on Vector, it is owned by Vector

    • Vector incentivizes liquidity for xPTP-PTP, zJOE-JOE, and xQI-QI on Trader Joe but the exchange rate will be determined by the market

Liquidity Pools

  • Rather than staking these tokens, users can also choose to provide liquidity for xPTP, zJOE, or xQI on Trader Joe in the appropriate pool

  • Users can then stake the Trader Joe LP token on Vector to receive VTX rewards

    • This is done in order to incentivize sufficient liquidity for users to be able to seamlessly enter and exit the Vector Finance ecosystem

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