Platform Rewards

Vector Finance rewards users in a number of ways. You can learn about the different ways to earn yield below.

Platypus Finance

PTP holders

  • PTP can be converted to xPTP on our platform then staked

  • xPTP stakers receive a majority of our protocol revenue from Platypus Finance (in the form of PTP)

Platypus depositors

Our Platypus Finance pools utilize our vePTP boost to give you a fantastic yield. Deposit your stablecoins or other assets in them to earn the following:

  • Receive boosted yield in PTP from our accrued vePTP

  • Other pools may receive additional rewards (ex. YETI or AVAX)

Trader Joe and zJOE

JOE holders

  • JOE can be converted to zJOE on our platform then staked

  • zJOE stakers receive a majority of our protocol revenue from Trader Joe sJOE pools

Vector Finance

VTX lockers

  • Lock VTX for a minimum of 4 weeks to earn rewards and gain access to voting/bribes

  • By locking VTX you earn a significant portion of our protocol revenue

Provide liquidity on Trader Joe

  • xPTP-PTP, zJOE-JOE, xQI-QI or VTX-AVAX liquidity pool providers earn our governance token VTX

  • Make sure to stake your liquidity on our site for those rewards

  • VTX can be locked for yield

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