Vector Finance
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Vector for JOE LP Depositors

Vector allows users to deposit Trader Joe LP tokens (for example WAVAX/USDC.e) and earn boosted yield from the Trader Joe platform, without having to stake their JOE and worry about accruing veJOE. Depositors are able to take advantage of our ample veJOE supply and utilize that for a boosted yield.

Rewards are paid out in JOE

  • JOE LP Depositors receive a boosted return in JOE
  • Depositors also earn bonus rewards by converting their JOE to zJOE and staking it
  • Staked zJOE earns a portion of Vector's revenue along with VTX; VTX can then be locked to earn even more
  • Our compound button makes boosting those yields super easy
Between boosted veJOE rewards and compounding their rewards JOE LP depositors receive much better yield for these farms than they could on their own.